A reliable way forward

As a customer of Jetshop, you can always turn to us for help or advice. You will always be able to rely on our experience, platform and ability to help develop your business. Together, we can ensure that you and your organisation get where you want to go..

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Secure operations


We offer you a secure operating environment, maintenance and upgrades. In addition you will also have licences for infrastructure and operating environments, as well as operational monitoring, optimisation and back-up.

The best thing about Jetshop is their stable platform – downtime is non-existent.

Oscar Johansson, CEO at 24.se
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Smoothness & Stability


Our customer service desk is open 7 days a week – and all our experienced support team have in-depth technical knowledge of our e-commerce platform. Outside office hours, there is always duty staff on call to fix any business critical issues.