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ICA is Sweden’s largest retailer, which means the demands on their digital presence are significant. Since 2011, ICA Hemma, ICA’s concept for kitchen, home and leisure products, has partnered with Jetshop. Lisa Högberg, online manager at ICA Hemma, works with us on achieving their ambitious goals for their e-commerce channel.


Today, ICA Hemma works with ICA stores across the whole country to offer fast, flexible online ordering. In addition to the option to collect in store, they also offer posted parcels and home delivery. Although, today, 70% of their customers choose to collect their parcels in store at their nearest ICA.

– We have a challenging and exciting task ahead. Our goal is to offer Sweden’s fastest e-commerce with in-store collection. With and 1,200 stores, we have every chance to achieve this, says Lisa Högberg.

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We aim to offer Sweden’s fastest e-commerce

Lisa Högberg, ICA Hemma
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When ICA Hemma’s and Jetshop’s partnership began, they had no e-commerce platform on their site – but they had seen how they were increasingly competing against webshops offering several of the same product categories that ICA offers.

– We needed to put a solution in place quickly – and Jetshop Commerce made it possible. ICA Hemma has, and has always had, a strong relationship with Jetshop. They listen to our needs and understand the ICA brand, continues Lisa Högberg.

The solution Jetshop delivered included functions that benefit ICA Hemma, the stores and the end consumer in several ways. This is made possible with the functionality and integrations connected to everything from logistics and product flow to payment methods and delivery alternatives.


ICA’s e-commerce solution, which has a conversion-optimised design, is integrated with ICA Banken’s loyalty system. That means that customers who are members of ICA’s customer club also receive a bonus when they buy online. Together with Jetshop, ICA Hemma has also made it possible to place orders via e-commerce terminals in store.

– For us, the most important aspect of the solution is the option to collect goods in store at your local ICA – and to receive bonus points on all purchases. It is a straightforward buying journey and we have had a lot of positive customer feedback that the site is easy to use, concludes Lisa Högberg.

In the stores, the staff has access to an ordering tool for picking and packing. In addition to being an efficient order management tool, it also helps staff gain an overview of the order flow and processing speeds at other stores in the country. Moreover, some ICA stores’ inventory can be managed via API integrations that are always available online.


Since the start in 2011, ICA Hemma and Jetshop have worked together to develop further and refine every aspect of the buying process – and to take the sales channel to the next level.


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