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For Robert Kindstrand, marketing and e-commerce manager at Hööks Hästsport AB, a holistic approach plays an important role: How different parts of the organisation work from one and the same line. How their sales channels express the same consistent image of what they represent. How the company’s partners can work together both with Hööks and with each other. All to create a common theme in everything they do. Robert, who joined Hööks just over six months ago, was quickly inspired by the journey the business has made over the last few years.

“I was drawn to the company culture and the people who create it. I could quickly see enormous potential in the company’s development,” says Robert Kindstrand.


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Robert Kindstrand, Hööks Hästsport
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After holding similar roles at other companies during the last 10 years, Robert has been able to experience several different interesting developments. Both his role as marketing and e-commerce manager, as well as how the company treats the customer, have undergone considerable changes.

“Everything moves a lot faster. Customers today make purchases based on daily needs rather than future needs. And they are a lot savvier when they come to the store – instead of simply relying on receiving advice and information from our staff. This has made it even more important to have a robust digital platform in place,” continues Robert Kindstrand.


The combination of what happens in their stores and in their digital sales channels has been especially important in Hööks’ work.

“To achieve maximum impact, our digital and physical channels must synchronise. The different parts are not sufficient on their own. It’s the sum of how they work together that governs the results. To succeed, you need to bring the group together. All the departments, whether they are responsible for marketing, logistics, stores or stock, all need to work as one,” he says.


Today Hööks Hästsport is represented in more than 50 physical stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. In addition, you can find Hööks Hästsport’s products in their webshop, which is available throughout the EU.

“My job is both to drive the brand forwards – but also to ensure that it is consistently represented, no matter where you encounter it. Even if we need to make small adjustments for different markets, we always maintain the same profile. The same products at the same prices,” explains Robert Kindstrand.


During the last six months, Hööks Hästsport has been working together with Jetshop to make sure that the company’s platform lives up to both the organisation’s and the customers’ expectations.

“Jetshop Commerce is the right platform for us because we are active in so many channels and their solution makes it easy for us to work in several countries. Their approach is wholehearted and I really appreciate how passionate they are about our brand. They are always available and well prepared, throughout the process,” Robert concludes.


Working with Hööks Hästsport, we at Jetshop have launched a new functionality. With it, we aim to simplify the customer’s buying journey, whilst at the same time making the administration behind the e-commerce more efficient.

“The transition was very smooth and the traffic to our e-commerce site has grown since the launch. It has been an active partnership with Jetshop and their partners, Infostep and R3, who have helped throughout the journey. We now have a more customer-focused platform that is more communicative than before. The products are much more visible, thanks to clear filtering, navigation and checkout, making the whole buying process much easier,” concludes Robert Kindstrand.


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