One of Sweden’s fastest growing online fashion chains


Chiquelle is a Swedish e-commerce site, concentrating on fashion for young people and trend conscious women. They sell handpicked clothes and accessories that you can’t find anywhere else.

Chiquelle started and was registered in 2012 by Chiquelle AB, with focus on the Scandinavian and European markets. Following a successful start, expanded to the USA and rest of the world. In just a short time, Chiquelle has gone from a start-up webshop to having customers all over the globe.


Chiquelle chose Jetshop as their strategic partner in order to achieve their ambitious goals and fast growth in the international marketplace. The company has increased its turnover several times over and in addition to a stable e-commerce platform in the form of Jetshop Commerce, a well thought-out and consistent customer communication on social media has brought results. Chiquelle’s followers on social media, such as Instagram, have risen from 0 to over 220,000. Chiquelle is now aiming for a turnover of 100 million kronor on the internet – and they are expecting to achieve it in the near future.

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We can easily expand, with Jetshop Commerce

Pouya Boland, Chiquelle
Jetshop Chiquelle e-handel e-commerce cross-border global expansion Jetshop Chiquelle E-handel E-commerce Global expansion cross-border commerce


Chiquelle uses Jetshop Commerce Elastic, a platform for fast growing and larger companies. It is built on a flexible business model that minimises the need for sizeable threshold investments when the company expands into a new market.

“We can easily expand with Jetshop Commerce as our platform. Adding new sales channels and markets is fairly simple. Our choice of Jetshop as partner was strategic, especially as we want to grow globally,” says Pouya Boland, CEO at Chiquelle.


“We have a close, and in many ways special, partnership with Jetshop. We work closely with all departments, at all levels, from the customer support to the management team. We trusted them and they believed in our aims. Together we have shown that we are capable of achieving our goals,” concludes Pouya Boland.


  • Never copy others – otherwise you’ll always be a step behind
  • Invest in social media
  • Build your brand
  • Everything is possible
  • Leave your ego at home
  • Ensure your colleagues feel love and passion for their work
  • There are no rules or guidelines
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new or make mistakes
  • Stay mobile and accessible in social media 24/7
  • Inspire
  • Interact with your customers
  • Establish a presence in your countries and markets



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