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With innovative technologies and strategies based on more than 10 years of industry experience, we are developing the market-leading e-commerce platform, Jetshop Commerce. You get a secure e-commerce solution focused on an excellent customer experience and conversion, without requiring continuous threshold investment in technology, people and infrastructure. With Jetshop Commerce you become a successful retailer, across all channels. Jetshop Commerce is Scandinavia’s largest cloud-based platform for major online retailers.

An obvious choice when Joy invested in e-commerce

For us, Jetshop was the obvious choice. We were looking for a supplier that could give us expertise and peace of mind, but also someone that we could work closely with to reach our goals.
Matilda Mohlin, Joyshop AB


Joy is using Jetshop Commerce

Scalability without the need for threshold investments

Scale your business without having to worry about heavy investment in service and hardware. Currently, almost 10% of e-commerce in Sweden is transacted through Jetshop Commerce Cloud, and with Jetshop Commerce your operations can be scaled according to the development of your business. Furthermore, our support, monitoring and on-call services are included seven days a week. You can of course also choose to develop exactly the functionality you need. You get both security and flexibility in a single e-commerce solution.

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Johnells is using an e-commerce solution from Jetshop

Shorter time to market, with a lower investment

With Jetshop Commerce, you get to the market quicker, and with full functionality and flexibility. You get a fully comprehensive e-commerce solution that is also simple to develop further in accordance with your needs. Iimplementation time, including business strategy work, set-up, interface design and training, can be reduced by up to 75% compared with open source and licence-based solutions. A lower initial investment, with the investment required in a typical SaaS project being up to 80% lower compared with open source or licence-based projects, provides greater opportunities for you to focus on attracting new customers.

Up to 75% shorter implementation compared to open source and license based solutions.
Smarter investment
Up to 80% lower initial investment compared to open source and license based projects.

E-commerce for enhanced customer experience and increased sales

With Jetshop Commerce, you can seamlessly recruit new customers and get them and your existing ones involved. An intelligent e-commerce platform that enables e-commerce fully integrated with POS systems, business systems, product information systems and payment systems. An e-commerce solution ready for tomorrow’s growing need for fully integrated omnikanal-commerce, and above all, designed to create maximal customer experience, regardless of channel.

Nõberu of Sweden is surpassing its sales budget by 100%.

The cooperation with Jetshop was characterized by rapid and professional service with no waiting. Never problem-oriented, only solution oriented. Since its launch, sales have exceeded expectations and we have already sold 100% over budget. In a year Nõberu should be top-of-mind in Sweden in the male beauty industry.
Johan Lindell, Nõberu of Sweden

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Noberu is using Jetshop Commerce

An e-commerce platform for all channels, all the time

Buy online, pick up in-store or buy at the store and have your purchases home-delivered. No matter how you want to integrate your commerce, you can now easily create the total experience that your customers expect. Fully integrated, seamless, omnichannel retailing has never been easier. Today’s consumer is mobile, connected, informed and motivated. With Jetshop Commerce, you can exploit every possibility by offering a total digital customer experience, regardless of where your customers want to do their purchasing.

Ballograf turned to Jetshop for successful e-commerce

The E-commerce platform built for expansion

With Jetshop Commerce Channel Technology, you can rapidly launch new sites for other geographical markets, new brands or a new product range. Our architecture allows you to add separate websites with their own customer experience and their own product range, all from a single e-commerce platform. Jetshop Commerce Channels is the solution for those of you who want to be able to sell across a broad range of different channels, both online and via mobile. You reach your customers where they are, with the right products and the right feeling.


Integrated and scalable e-commerce solutions

An e-commerce solution from Jetshop allows you to use the systems you already have in place. Jetshop Commerce is integrated with the most common business systems, payment services, product information systems and inventory management systems. Additionally, our open interfaces can be easily employed to integrate with other essential systems, currently and in the future. With our partner services ecosystem, we are able to rapidly build onto Jetshop Commerce to meet your needs. This way, you only invest in the functionality you really need.

Johnells is using an e-commerce solution from Jetshop

The open framework offers greater opportunity for an enhanced customer experience

The interface that Jetshop Commerce employs has been constructed using our open design framework. It has been created from the ground up in order to facilitate and streamline the conversion-driven design, providing the same customer experience across all devices. The framework is constantly being enhanced by professional front-end developers and can be adapted to your needs using the most commonly employed techniques.

Increased sales through built-in intelligence

With built-in artificial intelligence from Jetshop Releware, you can completely automatically deliver dynamic and personalised offers that will increase your sales by up to 15%. The Jetshop Partner Network also gives you access to fully-functional integration with intelligent tools that create automated marketing targeted at your customers after they have completed their purchase or left the website. Never let an abandoned shopping basket be forgotten unnecessarily.


A complete e-commerce solution for B2B sales

Give your clients the right price and the right product range. With Jetshop Commerce, you create a login-protected environment, in which you can offer the right price list to the right customer, together with key functions such as the ability to place instant orders. And of course, there is also a variety of fully-integrated options for billing and shipping to choose from.

Future-proof, with an e-commerce platform that is constantly being enhanced

Jetshop Commerce is an e-commerce platform that is constantly being enhanced and adapted in order to meet future trends and needs. You benefit from new functionality and improvements without having to invest in expensive technology or infrastructure – everything is included. Feature releases, with new functionality appearing basically every week, and the market’s biggest development budget means that Jetshop Commerce is rapidly updated and amended. With a common code base, special developments made for you and others are also available to every customer, thus ensuring an unprecedented rate of development.

Maguba is using Jetshop Commerce


Increased sales and a new look for Maguba

We run the webshop to increase sales and to give the brand an identity. The new wholesales function has increased the reseller interest.
Sebastian Macliver, Maguba

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Secure operation and advanced technical support

Our customers know that they can always turn to us for help, both over the phone and by e-mail. Our customer service is open 7 days a week and all our experienced employees possess deep technical knowledge of our e-commerce platform. Outside office hours, there is always an on-call facility available that monitors the system and allows any business-critical issues to be addressed.

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