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Our commitment does not end when your store is launched, that’s when the real work begins. We are passionate about developing your business online and our mission is to ensure that you succeed all the way. Take advantage of our Business Services and see us as a strategic partner. Whatever projects or requests.

Strategic knowledge – for your business benefit

To succeed in e-commerce today, you need knowledge. Knowledge about the customer, about trends, about services that increase your sales and strategies that allow you to quickly come to market – and and onwards.

At Jetshop, you will find 100s of years of accumulated experience from the e-commerce industry. We know that successful online selling requires much more than a well-functioning e-commerce platform. We will help you with strategic questions, find the right partner for logistics, and advise you in the choice of payment solutions – for example. Have a discussion with us, we are sure that it will pay off.

– The platform is so open that we have been able to grow and adapt our operations seamlessly. In the beginning, everything was done directly in Jetshop Commerce, but after growing pains, now with 5000-10000 unique new products per year, published in four different countries, it became impossible to manually edit the information. Nowadays, most of the edits are automatically synced to Jetshops new API, which works well. The best thing with Jetshop is that their platform is stable, downtime is nonexistent, and that help is at hand when you need it. A functional relationship with your supplier is crucial for functioning e-commerce.
Oscar Johansson, CEO of is using Jetshop Commerce


Flexibility – if you need it

In our e-commerce platform, Jetshop Commerce, you will find all the features and services you need. We have built the platform to fit the most popular e-commerce needs, but we also open the possibility to expand and integrate. All to fit your business needs.

Challenge us with a pre-study or an entire development project, we will meet you with innovation, efficiency and a plan for the project.


Design – for an unbeatable customer experience

A great customer experience across all channels is key for successful e-commerce. And important for your brand. We work with some of the strongest agencies in order to help you reach your customers, and we assist with project management and specialist knowledge to ensure project success.

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Jetshops customers grows 56% more than other merchants
Cost of ownership can be up to 85% less than license based systems
Monitoring and optimizations gives you 99,9% uptime

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