About us

About us

Jetshop is the preferred technology and knowledge partner for successful e-commerce. From the start, we have taken a holistic approach to e-commerce. We love the industry, believe in the technology and we see opportunities grow when traditional retail meets the digital platforms. Our mission is to create the right conditions for successful online retailers.




Jetshop Commerce – en stabil plattform

Grunden i vår verksamhet är Jetshop Commerce, Nordens största e-handelsplattform. En teknisk plattform laddad med de funktioner och tillvalstjänster som gör Jetshop till en komplett partner inom e-handel. Jetshop Commerce står för stabilitet och utveckling. Betalsystem finns integrerat, den användarvänliga designen är inbyggd och uppdateringar sker snabbt utan störningar.

Much more than technology

We focus on trade in e-commerce. It is all about helping our customers succeed in both web presence and business. In our offer, you will find the leading technical services, with the company of design, business development and tailored advice on how to launch and further develop your business idea online.

Our goal has always been to simplify e-commerce. In order to develop our clients’ business and customer relationships, we offer services for strategy, payment solutions and digital marketing.

Availability means security

We believe that an effective customer relationship is the easiest way to create effective e-commerce. We want to have a dialogue with you during development, the launch and continued operation. You should feel that your e-commerce is in good hands and that you are free to develop it further. That is why we have generous opening hours and give you direct access to our experienced experts.

SEK 3 000 000 000 +

Today, companies across Scandinavia has chosen Jetshop as an e-commerce partner. We work with some of Sweden’s strongest brands, and shops built on Jetshop Commerce sold for just over three billion SEK in 2015. Figures that make us a leader in Scandinavia and the trend continues upward. As the shopping in the city center merge with e-commerce, the need for simple solutions with proven results continues to grow.

Take a shortcut to the future

You don’t need to look far in the rearview mirror to see how fast the digital development is. Keeping up to date is essential if you do not want to get left behind. To be in the forefront requires resources in terms of expertise and development time. We have that. And it benefits you. With Jetshop you will get an e-commerce secured for the future. We develop our technology and constantly keep you step ahead. Every innovation goes directly into the system and becomes part of your solution.

A growing knowledge company

Since the start, Jetshop is an entrepreneurial company. We have a passion for what we do and want to share our insights and our expertise. We believe this benefits the entire industry. With events such as Scandinavian E-Business Camp (SEBC) and Jetshop On Tour we work to spread the e-commerce knowledge and provide all e-retailers a forum for learning and networking.

Quick Facts about Jetshop
  • Founded in 2003
  • Turnover: roughly SEK 70 million (2015)
  • Market: Scandinavia, Serbia
  • Employees: 60

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