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This is what you see

This is what you need

  • Industry expertise and monitoring of trends
  • Development team and operational resources
  • Continuous technological development and implementation of new services
  • Operational monitoring, optimisation and backup
  • Licences for infrastructure and operational environments
  • Continuous investment in SEO and digital marketing
  • A reliable and secure operating environment, maintenance and upgrades
  • Investment in infrastructure and hardware
  • Integration with social media
  • Training and support

Consumers’ ever-changing patterns of behaviour, and thus their dynamic expectations, place high demands on digital commerce. Constantly endeavouring to keep up with rapid technological developments as a retailer, while digitisation and international competition are also influencing the market at the same time, is a major challenge. Jetshop’s e-commerce platform is a “Software as a Service” solution, in which continuous technological development is combined with business expansion and high availability, in the form of reliable and secure operation and advanced technical support. Jetshop’s aim is to be the obvious technology and knowledge partner for successful e-commerce and, for us, SaaS means that our customers benefit from continuous technological development and new and innovative services, without the need for large initial investments in infrastructure and human resources. We are wholly committed to enabling our customers to offer a first class customer experience, across all digital channels.


E-commerce solutions for your success

The Jetshop Commerce e-commerce platform, Jetshop’s network of industry-leading partners and our ecosystem of additional services have created optimal conditions for providing unsurpassed customer experiences. Jetshop Commerce has been under development for more than 10 years to become today’s stable, modern e-commerce platform and which is already being used by many of Sweden’s strongest brands.

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Johnells is using e-commerce solutions from Jetshop

Enhanced customer experience and increased sales

With Jetshop Commerce, you can seamlessly recruit new customers and get them and your existing ones involved. An intelligent e-commerce platform that enables e-commerce fully integrated with POS systems, business systems, product information systems and payment systems. An e-commerce solution ready for tomorrow’s growing need for fully integrated omnichannel-commerce and, above all, designed to create maximal customer experience, regardless of the channel.

Black Friday sales
Net sales during Black Friday rose by 117%, almost 33% more than the industry in general.
Transaction volume
The volume of transactions for customers using Jetshop Commerce rose by 33% during Q1 2016 compared with the same period in 2015.
Online sales
Jetshop customers increased their online sales by 30% in the first quarter of 2016 compared with the same period in the previous year.


Shorter time to market, with a lower investment

With Jetshop Commerce, you get to the market quicker, and with full functionality and flexibility. Implementation time, including business strategy work, set-up, interface design and training, can be reduced by up to 75% compared with open source and licence-based solutions. A lower initial investment, with the investment required in a typical SaaS project being up to 80% lower compared with open source or licence-based projects, provides greater opportunities for you to focus on attracting new customers.

Up to 75% shorter implementation compared to open source and license based solutions.
Smarter investment
Up to 80% lower initial investment compared to open source and license based projects.
80% uses and e-commerce solution from Jetshop



Cost-effective and measurable digital marketing

With Jetshop digital marketing services, you reach millions of customers worldwide, automatically, cost-effective and according to your own business rules. Focus on sales activities where customers already are.

Sell in marketplaces visited by millions

With Jetshop digital marketing, you can sell your products in marketplaces visited by millions. Reach your audience where they are, without making major investments in marketing. You set the rules for how you sell.


Target the right customers on social media

With advertising targeted specifically at the audiences you select, you incur lower costs than is the case with broader campaigns. Jetshop digital marketing gives you a high conversion rate and you can attract new customers, profitably and effectively.

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